River of No Return // Ghost Dance

We’re going down to the river of no return
Where the four winds blow and the bridges burn

Ghost Dance was a band that I think I may have been the only person in Minnesota to have heard of them, let alone purchase some vinyl for. In fact, there may have been that one record in the whole state and the store was relieved to have sold it finally. I’ve never heard anyone mention them at the time, nor since, if I’m honest. Online or in Minnesota.

Gary Marx got fed up with Andrew Eldritch’s (Sister of Mercy) shenanigans and left the band to form his own. I believe this was the first he started after his gig as the original guitarist for Sisters, before Wayne Hussey left Dead or Alive and took Gary’s place. Wayne didn’t last much longer and, with darned near everyone but Andrew and his drum machine, Doktor Avalanche, left to form the Mission. But that’s another story filled with poison and mercenary rivalries.

I have always liked the 80s Bowie- and Velvet Underground-inspired goth the best (well, aside from the Cure’s Faith and Pornography era). This is nothing stellar, but it fits in with that sound — so I’ll foist it on you.

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