reMarkable to WordPress

This is what I wrote on the reMarkable:

This is what I got:

Cool beans, dudes and dudettes.

I did modify the “draft” to “Private”, had to add line breaks back in and changed the little “m” to the proper capital “M” in the work “reMarkable”.

I’m not sure how often I might do something like this, but I wanted to check on proof of concept well in advance of deciding I wanted to actually do it. In theory, I could write a full chapter of a story and send as OCR-converted text for polish and editing on using Markdown or RTF (e.g., Word or Libre Writer). Paragraphs would be annoying, but so would mid-sentence breaks. I should ask them to come up with some kind of short code like what I used in the header for a carriage return… that would be awesome. I haven’t tried, but maybe bullets would work for that purpose.

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