More reMarkable Testing

Warning: discussion of drool-worthy technical experimentation follows.

So… I decided to try a more extensive post using my earlier proof-of-concept with the reMarkable as a tool for writing a full post rather than a few m easily lines of silliness. First, I want to see if I can easily create paragraphs and utilize multiple pages of text. During the conversion process, paragraphs and line breaks are removed, so it becomes a run-on paragraph. At least it has in early experiments.

So far symbol recognition is limited – for example, the AI doesn’t recognize things such as the paragraph symbol, which is what I had hoped to utilize. So, instead, I’m going to see if using a horizontal rule breaks up sections of text. Experimenting seems to tell me it has a limited impact. It may be effective, but it appears spacing is a larger signal for the AI. Space between paragraphs and uneven space at the right end of a section of text seems to indicate a paragraph break.

I’m trying to write neater than I’ve been in practice of doing and giving larger space between words. That’s the recommendation of one person who is using the writing-to-text function. But no matter how I do this, I’m out of practice with writing neatly. It may be a lost cause….

Notes about longer posts:

  • Can’t quite tell what triggers a paragraph.
    • Need to suss this out.
    • Seems to be white-space based.
  • Not ready to go direct-to-post. Draft only.
  • Need a distinct way of making paragraphs for stories.
  • So far, can read 99% of my messy writing, and handles bullets well.
  • Needs TLC before posting, but works mostly as expected.

Because there is no way of currently setting block styles via email-to-post, “draft” will have to be used to reformat (yes, I am one of those people…).

Anyway, as an unplugged tool, I think this shows promise: Write offline, head back to connected sphere (or hot-spot to phone), convert and send, finish editing/cleanup when it gets into WordPress and… Huzzah! It need internet access to convert to text.

I’ll admit, this is a completely different writing experience after so many years of being digital with my writing. It changed my “voice” a bit, and I’m not sure why writing by hand might do something like change my “voice” aside from it taking longer to hand-write than typing it out.

Thanks for putting up with my experiment, those who have read to the end.

The majority of this post was written on a reMarkable 2 e-paper tablet, and posted directly as a draft post from the device to WordPress via the often overlooked “email-to-post” feature WordPress has available.

Most of what you see here is converted handwritten text using online and AI-based optical character recognition that is part of the device’s software. I had to make several minor edits and added some clarification to certain areas after it was posted to draft. I would say the software had about a 99% success rate at correctly interpreting my admittedly poor penmanship.

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