Mat’s Prozac // mice

mice was a band Julianne Regan of All About Eve started after the collapse of her former band. Between the original guitarist leaving AAE and the abysmal sales for Ultraviolet, the last true AAE album (the second with Marty Willson-Piper of The Church as guitarist), Julianne started this acerbic saccharine pop band (which ended up being a one-off). While it sounded nothing at all like AAE, I ended up loving mice almost immediately and not just because I have an never-ending crush on Julianne’s vocals. It was a complete rejection of what she’d been doing before and I can always appreciate someone trying to mix it up by moving well beyond their comfort zone. Plus, it seemed to give a middle finger to almost everything about pop music while, at the same time, embracing it.

3 thoughts on “Mat’s Prozac // mice

    1. Ha! Someone else who knows who Eden House is!!! I love all of their albums. And yes, she is lovely as always on the tracks she sings on.

      I still get shivers listening to “She Moved Through the Fair” from AAE’s first LP.

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