Last day

It was the last day of school for the girls today. To kind of give everyone a pick-me-up, we ate out for the first time in 18 months — two of the three girls were bummed that school was ending (yes, I have those kinds of kids), and no one could decide between ice cream and fast food, so we did both and ate at Culver’s, following up dinner with some frozen custard. expensive as hell, but everyone’s mood lightened up considerably.

Part of the problem is the heat, with is hovering around the mid-to-upper 90s F. Ice cream was a great way to solve some of that issue.

I also managed to get around to finished the last of that oatmeal-colored wool scarf I had started a few weeks ago. I had been distracted by a number of things (or was just not in the mood to weave) since I last put it down, but I decided to knock out the last bit of it tonight. I wet finished it before remembering to take pictures, so I’ll have to follow up when it is dry (the decidedly blotchy nature of wet wool is off-putting). I think I’m getting the hang of the weft edges and the warp was far better this time around. I plan to hit another scarf for one of the kids before trying to stretch my skills set — I want to really feel like I am getting closer to getting clean selvages and making fewer mistakes on the weft before I challenge myself with designs or patterns.

Encountered an old friend quite by accident on social media tonight. Sounds like we both want to forgive and forget whatever BS happened between us — mine is inexcusably because I was a drunken asshole and she says she let her ex husband try to control too much of her life and keep her away from her friends. I think she’s being too kind to me. I vaguely recall our last phone call and I was an ass.

Anyway — beauty sleep time. Carriages to pumpkins and all that.

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