©2021 Michael Raven

dream taker… thief… i can see your ski–

he whispers in the dark. longing and masquerade.


and… painted harlequin

her lips, raw and wane — flecked with spittlescum and ennui tries to laugh but. but. but.

but it fades to tinpan gravel b-film gorefest splatterpunk tripe

we are bloodsucking freaks leaving hickies on the inside thighs of lovers moaning in the night.

I swear, it wasn’t me, I’m not allowed such luxuries. I can only ache, not partake.

Lovebites are not mine. I am only allowed t–

dream in dream on ache for the


c’mon now baby, yeah yeah yeah,you want it, baby

fingers of sunrise in the east, smoke and screams and the dreams, the dreams, the

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