Tarot for Fun || 25 May 2021

Three Cards; Query: WTF is up?

Situation = II Pentacles
Obstacle = XXI World, inverted
Advice = XIX Sun, inverted

The Situation: II Pentacles

Juggling priorities, roles, responsibilities and other shit. Razor’s edge of losing balance. Breaks might be needed, possibly losing sight of bigger picture. Strive for equilibrium, but recall nothing ever stays there.

The Obstacle: XXI World, inverted

Seeking closure on a personal issue. Emotional attachment to the past? May require deep personal energy work and visualization. May be skipping steps on the path to the top of the mountain, perhaps need to refocus and accept that mountain path is there to experience.

Advice: XIX Sun, inverted

Inner child should be allowed to show itself; relearn how to have fun. Take time away from the heavy duty responsibilities and play. May be struggling to see the bright side of life, but the obstacles in the path can be removed with renewed focus.

Personal assessment


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