Tangled Skein | Oatmeal

I’m working on my second project with the goal of not making as many mistakes this time around and working on improving my weaving habits rather than anything fancy: warping, sleying, wrapping yarn on the shuttle, weaving, beating and getting nice-looking selvedges that aren’t too loopy or too tight. Of course, it isn’t perfect and I don’t expect to be on my second project, but I’m starting to get the feel of it; although, I do seem to keep finding new ways to make mistakes.

To keep it simple, I made another scarf and, instead of worrying about multiple yarns and colors, I kept it to a single color of yarn, oatmeal. But, to make it interesting, I went with the wool I’d picked up recently and, let me tell you, that is an experience itself. The cotton yard was a lot less stretchy than this wool and, once I had the tension cranked tight it stayed tight. With the wool, the yarn stretches and I lose tension on the warp, which makes slipping the shuttle through the shed a little more difficult. I find myself cranking the tension every ten or so minutes. My edges are tighter on the selvedges, but the lines are a little, umm, variable. But I like the look and the feel of the result and I think it’ll be a nice scarf for someone (probably end up being mine unless one of the kiddos adopts it before winter comes).

I think I’ve put in about four hours, maybe five, so far. And I am thinking another two hours or so. I want desperately to explore other things than the normal weave, but I also sense I really need to get this down before I attempt anything too complicated. And so, scarves I suspect, with be the primary product moving forward.

I’m still enjoying it, so it doesn’t look like a waste of money. I don’t know that I could do it nightly, but who knows?

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