Tangled Skein | And then he laid down his shuttle…

Disclaimer: I am about as much of a novice as you can get with respect to weaving. My artistic experience is largely in music and writing (and, previously, espresso and a career in hair-styling). I have not been typically drawn to “handsy” artistry, but took up weaving to satisfy an urge to try it out over the past 30 years. Anything written in my “Tangled Skein” posts should read with that consideration in mind. I am not an expert and I may have misleading or inaccurate information as I explore and experiment. That said, I hope others can learn something from my folly as they read the unvarnished exploration of those urges.

Well, I lost about a foot of length due to my sorry warping skills, but my first weaving project is complete.

I’d gotten down to the wire when I realized just how poor my warping tension at the back end had been. It was a bit of a mess, with threads jumping all over the back warping stick and making a tangled disaster. Chock it up to inexperience… So, rather than fight an increasingly useless battle, I sacrificed about a foot of length on the scarf and now have one that is closer to four feet in length than the targeted five to five-and-a-half feet (shrink is something that can be tested ahead of time, but I didn’t to a test scrap to find out and probably won’t in the future because I am less interested in perfection than some people).

Here is the off-the-loom result. I found one significant flaw; but honestly, I think it adds character and charm (not shown).

more of the fringe
more of the pattern, less of the fringe

I wet-finished the cloth, but it is still drying. Some of the gaps between the weft and the warp have filled in and it looks more like cloth than a net.

As a first effort, I am pleased. If I didn’t know that I wouldn’t get it done before need to go to bed, I’d try to do another scarf with the nice brown wool I found (and tan, now), using a different pattern (maybe a hound’s tooth pattern).

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