Quick note about “aura/”

I don’t want to go into this very much, mostly because I don’t know the actual circumstances and guilt/innocence of the person mentioned in the poem from last night and, being a student of criminal justice, I try to lean towards the presumption of innocence in most cases where things are not cut and dried (such as an officer applying unreasonable force on someone’s neck while the video is capturing everything for posterity, for example).

However, based on the information I do have, it sounds like an admission of guilt was made to the arresting officers while he was being arrested. I don’t know if Miranda was recited, but almost everyone in the country knows those rights (however flawed their interpretation might be) thanks to Hollywood. Regardless, an admission of guilt was apparently made. I have fewer standards than most people, but one thing I’ve never, ever found acceptable was an older person having any kind of sexual relations with a minor. When I was a teen, it grossed me out that a classmate (16 yo) was dating a 26 yo. Something was obviously wrong with her boyfriend if he thought that was, in any way, appropriate.

The person who is my relative is not a close one. As kids, we spent several days over the course of a month together each summer as I visited other distant relatives out of state. I’m several months older than her. Her and the accused lived nearby for a few years and I met the man a number of times at my parent’s holiday gatherings. I was still a practicing alcoholic at the time, but he always gave me the willies, even when I was three sheets to the wind. Something always seemed, well, like a put-on. His smiles didn’t ring authentic, his banter seemed contrived. It might have been the drunk on my part that made it harder to suss just what was “off” about the guy, but I would social butterfly away from the guy whenever he got too close. Maybe it was that he was a know it all who didn’t know very much — I recall that being one of his traits as well. He always had an opinion about things without the knowledge to back it up.

Much to my mother’s despair (she puts a lot more stock in things like this), I didn’t rekindle my friendship with my distant relative. I don’t know that I would have minded her, but she had her own level of standoffishness, which is okay — only my mother expects adults who were childhood friends for a few days each year to be inseparable after a reunion.

So I don’t know if this guy did what is rumored to be true. But he always seemed “off” to me. I didn’t like him and I trusted him even less. I learned at an early age to listen to my intuition and instincts, both of which told me to steer clear of this guy. Sadly, it appears those feelings may have had some basis in truth.

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