And like that, it seems like the portable time sink has latched onto me and I feel like — for all the work I’m doing — that I’m not getting much accomplished at all.

Yesterday was one of those kinds of days and today feels similar. Yesterday, I went to the craft store early to beat the crowds on a Sunday, finally found the yarn I was looking for, but then opted for my other choice because the black was blacker, though the teal was tealer. Mixed and matched brands, which is okay. But, as I was debating this, I found an absolutely stunning tan color made of wool (instead of the 100% cotton I was planning on). So… I had to… had too… buy it as well.

And now… I think I might have to warp it and weft with my black. Or by itself. The color online is a bit off, so I can see why it might not appeal to anyone, but in-person, it looks homey (and feels it, too).

That was the last moment I felt relaxed.

I bought this in anticipation of the loom arriving yesterday, which turned out to be a shit-estimate by FedEx and it is now “on the truck for delivery by the end of the today” and has been since 2am this morning, but the truck is not out for delivery when I checked tracking. Anyway, it was a respite — as now I’ve had more time to agonize over which to do (black and teal, black and brown, brown only, grey and brown).

My daughters seem a bit baffled by dad’s excitement. Ooookkaaaaaaayyyy is the look they give me as they back away slowly.

Then, as I was doing a shit-tonne of work to prep the house and yard for my daughter’s birthday part next weekend, my mother decides she needs to “quickly drop something off”. Two hours later, I am regretting the decision, as nothing got accomplished aside from adding to my sunburn (outdoors though vaccinated) and I’m frustrated because my father expects me to adjust to his lingo when I ask about slipping in a cabinet in the place where I don’t think I will replace the dishwasher that went tits up. It was a simple question: How would I handle a prefab cabinet that matches the width, but is a 1/2″ short on the height; would I somehow shim it to make it work? No, we had to debate everything but the question at hand, even the color choice (“Good luck with matching that color.” [translation: It’s not gonna happen]). Sometimes I wonder why I ask questions about DYI work when he seems determined to be on everyone’s side but mine. Actually, in typing that, I realize that’s one of my persistent problems with my father — he’s less interested in helping me be successful than he is interested in being right. Doesn’t matter if it is science, or sliding in a makeshift solution to an empty cabinet space — he’s the smartest guy he knows and everyone else is an idiot.

Time to switch gears before I get angry about this epiphany.

To add to the busy-factor, I had a work project that I was given a week to get to review stage (normally a 40+ hours project) in addition to my normal work, but had been told I had ten days when I accepted the challenge. Apparently those ten days included the preceding weekend and the Monday before the hot potato landed in my lap and was calendar days instead of working days. I found this out this morning and tomorrow is the “due” day. Luckily, I had it mostly done, but I had been pacing myself, expecting the end of this week and not the beginning of this week. All morning, frantically tweaking the 70-page technical document (with regulatory review) and correcting references, and getting information from the client’s partner to include. That was on top of filling in my time card and some personal drama at home.

And then there’s this “kid” (20-something, I think) of an old classmate who wants to buy a high-end graphics card off me because they are impossible to find with all the bitminers out there. I could probably have sold it to him for twice what I am asking, but I don’t want him to feel ripped-off when he finds out that 3-4 generations ago, it will only be slightly better than a PS5. Amazon has used ones selling for $450-600, and I am selling it for $150. I’m a pushover. But he’s maddeningly inconsistent with his communication skills. Of course, he wants it today and, of course, the best time is while I am cooking the dinner for the family.

When, really… All I want to do is start playing with my new toy that has yet to arrive.

Or sleep. Sleep would be nice.

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