Tangled Skein | First Project

I think I already mentioned that I’m going for a “normal” weave on a simple scarf for my first project. I had bought some yarn from the same place as the loom, knowing it was, bare minimum, suitable yarn, but I’ve discovered some more information, so I have plans to run over to one of the big-box stores tomorrow to pick up different yarn that will be suitable, mostly because I am told it will be soft and, well, I want to have a supply of choices for future work anyway. My next project will likely be a rug for the patio door, or a scarf for one of my daughters who likes to wear them in the house and school during the winter months.

Anyway — here are the two colors I’ll be picking up tomorrow, teal and black.

I haven’t decided which should be the dominant color, but I’m leaning towards the black.

One of the things I am noticing as I look at other’s projects and try to get ideas is that the color combinations are not ones I would choose. Many seem, well, strange choices. I started joking around with some people I know who are used to my sense of humor and mentioned that what someone needed to do was come up with more “manly” colors to set the weaves to. And then call them names like “Cuban Cigars and Jameson” or “Old Leather Wallet”, or some other macho-sounding names and focus on dark colors with a splash of something high-contrast to the colors. Like teal and black. I jokingly added, “Nothing says I am a dangerous and vicious pugilist like a pink angora scarf,” and that I would call it something like “Manly Weaves” or “Three F Couture” (a reference to Hemingway’s three core plots: Fighting, Fucking and Fishing). I was only joking, but as I thought about it, I found the whole absurd notion appealing.

Honestly, though… If I get into this as much as I hope, I may actually try something along those lines. Not that I’m Mr. Manly, but I’m just not seeing many examples of stuff that most men would want to wear or have around them. Maybe I just like dark and sultry color combinations and that makes me an aberration as far as the weaving world is concerned, but I don’t much care for the pastels, mousy colors and full spectrum mayhem I’m seeing. I like muted. And maybe more men like those colors than I think, but I thought pastels died out with Miami Vice.

That doesn’t make other’s wrong in their choices — obviously a lot of people like those combinations. I’m just not one of them. I also realize that I have yet to warp my first bolt, let alone weave it. But, suddenly my head is buzzing with ideas. And, for what it’s worth, I am even more incentivized to keep up with it to explore those ideas.

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