Tangled Skein

I’m going to document my learning experience with this whole “learning to weave” nonsense I’m getting myself into and post it alongside all of my other tripe.

One thing I’ve learned already (that doesn’t surprise me in the least) is that this is definitely not a craft attractive to men. Or, at least, they are quiet about it and don’t say much at the various normal places people chatter about rigid heddle looms and weaving. The few male weavers saying much at all are, more often than not, working with the big table and floor looms that allow you to do “fun stuff” with color and patterns. I get the appeal of bigger, badder, better, but I’m honestly surprised at just how much of an apparent gender desert this craft has going for it. I think I’ve seen one guy do any commenting on the private Facebork groups I joined.

I’m nervous and excited — What if what I do is a glorious disaster? What if I find it more frustrating than mindful?

I think I’ll take the approach I always take with new things and mock myself so I don’t take myself too seriously when I ultimately fail to accomplish what I want to accomplish. Then — be happily surprised when it mostly works out.

Anyway — I’m gonna tag this documentation of a disaster “Tangled Skein” on the off-chance other people can benefit from my mistakes and discoveries. To repeat a quote I often mention from Gaiman, I’m going to “make glorious mistakes” and see what happens.

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