It looks like I’m going to go ahead and purchase a rigid heddle loom with the idea of trying my hand at weaving.

I honestly need a non-consumptive hobby outside of writing and music, something a little less emotionally charged than either, and more constructive than video games.

An online associate (maybe a friend, if we actually communicated more than in trite little exchanges of punning, jests and a common musical taste) recently said he had decided to remake himself, which I found interesting because I consider myself in the process of unmaking myself so that I can remake myself, myself (had to toss in that last “myself” after all of the others). Anyway, he wrote a lengthy bit about how he didn’t want anyone to get too bent out of shape as he decided he was going to make some drastic changes in his lifestyle, which might be off-putting to some of his readers. One of his comments was, when he’d done this in the past, he jumped into some uncomfortable new experiences to shake things up — you can’t change if you keep doing the same thing as you did before and pretend that you magically changed. He took up new habits and visited different places to do the things everyone had to do. He was going to change his schedule and alter his routine.

I figured, you know, this isn’t a new concept, but I have often talked big about changing without actually making any changes when you look closer. And, as I’d written a few days ago, I’d always been intrigued with the idea of fiber arts, and weaving in particular. I’ve never been able to explain the why of it, but I am fascinated by what can be done with a loom.

I toyed around with the idea and started watching videos tonight to see if I was being overly romantic about the idea, thinking perhaps I had underestimated the level of commitment required to see a project to completion. And I was amazed at how, with a proper rigid heddle loom, the whole process appeared to be as complex or mundane as I wanted. Simple weaving is indeed much more simple than I expected (although I’ll still start with something easy), and there is room for growth as I looked into more complex ideas, such as making a making my clan’s tartan, or even doing Celtic knot borders. While I won’t be able to make my own honest-to-god authentic kilt with the size of loom I am considering, I can make a clan scarf, or my own rug done in tartan colors. Or other rectangular things. Or steal my daughter’s sewing machine and get into making other items from my materials…

I figure, hell, it might be time to break away from the opium of video games for a while and, at the bare minimum, put myself to work to make things like scarves for the poor and the homeless. Plus, the more simple weaving lets me do that working meditation I value so highly.

I just have to get my butt in gear and actually buy one (and the supplies needed to actually make something).

Maybe I’ll have something as soon as early next week.

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