I’m going to rant a little bit because I need to get it off my chest.

I did not like finding out from my daughter a 9.30 am via text that she was in a “Code Red” situation at her middle school. She informed us that she was currently in lock down because of an “active shooter”. My main source of information was Twitter. Not the news media. Not the school via Facebook. Not the school via email, phone call or text; all of which they love to employ to a stupid degree any other time they have some minor announcement (“Frozen Pizza Fundraiser TONIGHT!” via all the various communication methods). Radio silence except for Twitter and parents sharing rumors they heard via text from their kids (most of which are turning out to be true, by the way). The first actual contact from the school came about 2 hours after the incident (8.45am local) and it was to describe it as a “serious incident”.

A “serious incident” is when you dump your coffee onto an expensive litho print of a picture your mother will kill you for ruining before you can get it hung up on the wall. Shots fired in a school full of kids is more than a “serious incident”, one would think. Kudos to the understatement of the year so far.

“Parents who want to can pick up their children at [location]”, with no direction about how to actually do that or when the school will go off lockdown. “Don’t call the school.” WTF? My kid was potentially hurt and might not have a cell phone (mine does) and you tell me to not call you? FUCK OFF.

And now we get into the rumors and speculation, which are plausible given the current track record from the kids via Twitter, which have been spot on so far.

  • Student [confirmed]
  • Male [unconfirmed, except they said “he” in the news conference on the “serious incident”]
  • Sixth grader [confirmed]
  • Name [not confirmed, but two separate students said the same one in my lurking]
  • No injuries [confirmed]
  • Three shots fired into ceiling [confirmed, then recanted]
  • Shouted anti-Black Lives Matter prior (either “Fuck BLM” or “BL Don’t Matter”) [unconfirmed; but just received communications asserting the second was NOT said, which does not totally deny there was any racial motivation]
  • Has a public school profile viable to other students that says “Make War, Not Love” [unconfirmed]+
  • Profile slogan was reported by another student and nothing was done about it by school [unconfirmed]
  • Sounds like it was one of the assistant principals who disarmed the student [unconfirmed]

+ My daughter, on the other hand, was almost ordered into counseling by one assistant-principal when an automated scan found “indecent, disturbing, and inappropriate sexual material” on her Chromebook, which turned out to be racy fan-fiction and not as sexually explicit as implied when we got ‘the call’. Double standards much? Well, boys will be boys, they always say. And girls should never have such nasty, naughty thoughts [/sarcasm].

How did the kid get a gun? Two guesses, and your first one doesn’t count. Unsecured weapon in the home is the correct answer at the 6th grade white suburban age. I’m a gunowner, although I am not proud of this. I bought a handgun when I thought I might become a police officer myself (to work my way towards crime scenes before Hollywood screwed up that dream by putting out the bad-science CSI) and I wanted something to do target practice with that wasn’t a rental weapon. I have not gotten rid of it, or destroyed it (as I keep threatening to do). I actually dislike having it in the house. Do the kids know where it is? OH HELL NO! Is it under lock and key? OH FUCK YEAH!

I’m tired of guns, tired of kids with guns, tired of shootings, tired of people thinking they have a right to take someone else’s life because they hurt inside themselves, or because their are filled with hate, or for whatever stupid-assed reason they have.

14 thoughts on “Shooters

  1. Your writer’s sense of suspense, while probably not intentional, left me hanging on each word, I’m glad your family is safe.

    Every gun owner I’ve met in person has said the same thing about safety and regulation. It’s not without precedent in America to focus on the ‘well-regulated’ part of the Second Amendment; something that struck me in my studies on the Earp family was how one of their first acts as lawmen was to enforce a strict no-weapons policy within the town of Tombstone during the height of the “Old West” years.

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    • Goodness. I’d forgotten that. It’s been a very long time since I read about the real Tombstone (as opposed to the Hollywood version). It was a very complex situation.

      Thanks for your praise. I’m just ranting, so it was quite flattering.

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  2. So sorry to hear about your daughter’s experience. It pains me to hear that so many children have to be on alert at I place that is supposed to be safe. It was relieving to know that no one was physically hurt (though we never truly know how these things can affect someone). I completely get why you needed to rant, hope getting it off your chest helped. I feel that the parents should collectively contact the school and demand better communication.❤️

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  3. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s experience….it’s crazy with guns….but what’s crazier is the way school handled this situation….I’m hoping she’s doing relatively better….I liked the post to convey, I read it….coz there’s nothing to like about this post….actually there is, when I sense this moment….your daughter’s action of giving you a call….and you being courageous enough to share this with your readers….

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    • Thank you, Navin.

      She seems to be doing well. A little shaken, perhaps, but not freaking out. I think it might be because of her teacher’s response when it when down, which was to make sure they were safe and stayed safe. And then try to bring it back to normal as they waited for the lockdown to end after being notified the danger had passed.

      I’m not impressed with the District’s response, or the administration response, but the teachers did a kick ass job by her account.

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  4. Very scary and it makes me glad that I live in a country in which guns are not freely available. I am, of course, fully aware that there are more around than we would like to think of, and knife crime is an issue in the UK, but shootings certainly seem more random and impersonal – I am merely glad that all is well for you.

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