Celebrated Summer// Hüsker Dü

80s Minnesota hardcore. Hüsker Dü are/were an acquired taste with their buzzsaw guitars, saturated distortion and tendency in the early albums to do songs in one or two takes without overdubbing anything. Essentially, they sounded mostly the same live or on a studio album and it’s hard to fault them for having a “fuckit” attitude when they had their own sound that others ended up mimicking in the late 80s and early 90s.

Celebrated Summer is a track that always evokes the smell of fresh-cut grass, cheap beer and the smell of creosote volatilizing from the railroad ties as you sat in the underpass along the tracks, smoking cigs and making out in the rotting couch someone had dragged down from somewhere along Lyndale Avenue for the express purpose of having a place to make out on. Or sit with friends and get drunk. Or plot world domination with your band that would end up only lasting for three or four rehearsals before you realized you didn’t quite mesh together as a band. Or… well, use your imagination.

It also brings back memories of hanging out at bare-ass beach, the unofficial nudist beach in Minneapolis (mostly at night, when you can’t see anything anyway) — smoking cigs and running through the woods to avoid curfew/after-park-hours tickets when the cops came by.

And then, school would come. And snow.

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