For the masochists

I’ve ended up deciding, as part of the bit I alluded to yesterday that I’d go ahead, start up a private/walled off blog to write about more esoteric matters and allow myself the freedom to “…make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for… being here. Make good art.” [Neil Gaiman’s Keynote Address for University of the Arts, 2012]

Aside: I strongly encourage you to listen to his speech if you’ve not heard it before. Or, at least, read it by clicking the reference above. It’s motivating stuff of legend. Listening is better, though.

While I’ve not been one to be shy about making a fool of myself here on more than one occasion, I suspect there is some unconscious filtering going on, knowing that what I write is subject to review and criticism — even if it is choosing not to “like” a post I put out. Plus, I want to explore writing about subject matters that either are intriguing as hell, tediously boring, or frighteningly irreverent for people with strong ideas of what is the right way of going about life (in general).

Or, some people may find my volumes of experimentation bothersome. As I alluded to yesterday, it wasn’t unusual for me to post up to ten pieces a day around the holidays and the only reason I didn’t have higher counts is that I put a hard limit on my posts of that maximum. My volume comes from too many years of self-medication, followed by too many years of sanctioned medication, before I threw off the shackles of both prisons and started making up for lost time. I’ve slowed down since then, but mostly because I am digging into stuff and the writing has become and expression of my mental excavations.

As part of my hiatus of about six days, I got to thinking about both my writing and those archeological dig sites in my brain. So my plan evolved into such that I will still consider this my main blog, but I’ll take the rougher material needing a good buff and shine over to the private end and share the stuff more ready for primetime over here. Plus, none of you who come here for the creative writing will have to deal with my esoteric forays into Celtic- and Nordic- based ecstatic brainstorms.

That said, after I get into my rhythm of unfettered writing and esoterica, I’ll probably let some people “come over to the dark side” on the off-chance you were/are actually interested (or, gods forbid, find value) in those parts of my writing or thinking processes. For now, I’m keeping it private, but you can register your interest if you want below or by visiting and requesting access. Be warned: you might be a masochist if you decide to brave such horrors as those locked behind a permission gate.

What if you have no interest in such sordid things? Well, I’m not going anywhere, but you should notice an improvement in quality as part of this process, as well as fewer “iffy” pieces cluttering up your feed (from me at least). I will probably pick the best one to three pieces of the day to post here. Aside from the volume of tripe, it shouldn’t be much different around here.

Keeping the faith, and y’all in the loop…

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