Reflections and returns

I had started off last weekend deciding I needed a break to refocus myself on several things, amongst them, writing goals (but that was a relatively minor consideration). I won’t bore folks with the details of my “deep contemplation”, in part because I am not entirely finished with that contemplative state, but suffice it to say that there was some “personal alchemy” going on in this excess of fat between my ears that I needed to, and still need to deal with. It’s a lifelong thing, so I don’t expect that will resolve anytime soon. If ever.

I’m bumping up the rest of the scheduled posts to today (two posts), with the exception of one that was scheduled before I took a not-quite week-long hiatus, as it has to do with a day of observation, hash tags and all.

As far as writing goes, I’m probably going to reduce the volume posted here (he said before posting a flurry of writing). I haven’t decided how I want to go about it, but I think the bulk of my daily writing will go private and I’ll chose the higher-quality pieces to share rather than treat this as my personal poetry journal, flaws and all. I’m trying to find a journaling app I like, but I really have been unsuccessful so far. WordPress is pretty much the best tool I’ve found that is both free and highly flexible, so it may be that I start up a private or viewer-restricted blog on the side for the more manic side of me that feels the need to write such volumes of tripe. I’ll take suggestions for other tools, but don’t be upset if I reject the suggestion for having already found it lacking, or for demanding some insanely costly subscription like the app I just mentioned a week or so ago that was a great tool, but definitely NOT worth $5/mo or $60/yr they just informed me they would be demanding in the coming months.

Other than writing, folks know that I’ve been deeply involved in returning to a more obviously pagan lifestyle after years of focusing mostly on Eastern systems (Taoism, Zen). I actually don’t like the word “pagan” for my approach towards these things, no more than I like the word “shamanism” as a replacement. But those are the words most people have become familiar with that are closest, so I’ll use them for the time being. I found myself at a crossroads and I needed to seriously consider where I am on this path, torn as I have been over the past few months on an approach. After this week of silent contemplation, I think I’ve got some more intuitive direction and guidance going for me after what has been a mentally and psychically noisy past six months or so. In other words, I now have a game plan, however nebulous that plan may be.


I’m off hiatus. Volumes will likely go down, quality go up, after this week. Looking for a journaling tool (preferably free). Digging in the dirt.

3 thoughts on “Reflections and returns

  1. How about if you compile your many thoughts into one post a day? I see some bloggers do this occasionally, and so do I at times: I leave the post open and as more thoughts pop into my head I add them into the already ongoing post. That way you’re publishing once but you may have 6 hours worth of thoughts in one place…

    You can create pages too. One for poetry, one for random thoughts…

    And, you can password protect individual posts. Some people do this (I’ve done this) and some people make their entire blog private. There’s a woman I know in San Fran who does this – she writes about her relationships (with pseudonyms) but doesn’t want to broadcast it to the world, so she make the site private and you send a request (usually recommended by someone already reading her) and she determines if it’s ok to let that person in.

    I like reading you, Michael, but there are too many posts coming in each day, it’s hard to keep up at times.

    You’ll find a way that suits you best. I’ll tune in and check it out when you do.

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    1. All considerations.

      I doubt I’d do a single mixed post. Not my style.

      Pages and whatnot have also been considered, especially for more esoteric subjects.

      I’ve been private posting more frequently lately. I doubt I’ll PW-protect the posts, although I considered it. Too much fuss.

      Ultimately, I think I’ll run a separate wholly private blog, then cherry-pick what I want to share and repost as a new post here if I want to share it. When I migrate off of WP servers in September (for more control of look and content), I’ll probably migrate both versions and have the private version as a subdomain (which you cannot do using WP’s servers as your host).

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