untitled from 03oct1996/

©1996, 2021 Michael Raven

the sun came dancing through
mystic autumn fog
the fairy frozen crystal
encased grass
and lilac
silence throbbing melody
-- the new day
    quietly rising...
and her ghost is still here
her fingers gently tangled in the hair
in the back of my head
and her hand resting upon my hips
her lips occasionally kissing my neck

voices of children waiting for buses
break the spell...

There are things I’d change about this one these days, but left it as is. The image is the original from a notebook.

3 thoughts on “untitled from 03oct1996/

    1. I was going to say, “Oh, it is nothing at all like that 25 years later,” except that it is, strangely enough — just messier due to the lack of practice of putting pen/pencil to paper (I type mostly these days now that PCs are more ubiquitous than they were back then). The main things that have changed are that the flourishes on the t’s and d’s are most of the time absent, although my vertical stems for both letters (and others), are more elongated than most people would use; e.g., imagine a “t” with a tail like a “y”, except more vertical.


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