Krigsgaldr// Heilung


On the rare occasion…


Social media isn’t a complete waste of space.

I’ve been writing little pithy things on Facebook lately, mostly about how I survived a tangle with my bike or the weather. Stupid, silly, self-deprecation shit. Largely, because I am using it for other things (like finding a group or other people to connect with on a spiritual level), but I made some off-hand comment about probably feeling more complete if I could get another tattoo, but I haven’t found anyone that strikes me as the kind of artist I want to do my next piece. I’d mentioned I wanted photorealistic — or something very primitive and Neolithic looking, with an earthy shamanistic feel.

One of my high school friends saw it and, while she didn’t have suggestions for artists, she said I really really should check out Heilung based on my tattoo desires. Less than fifteen minutes later, an old bandmate from my gothic band chimed in, “Yes yes yes! Trust us on this one, dude.”

So this morning I watched the video they linked to.


So now, I share with you.

I can see all kinds of influences that may or may not be actual influences, and they all happen to be influences that I love. It’s like a yummy meltaway containing all of them. Instantfan. Naturally, I have to foist it on you.

[Edit: Incidentally, the title, best as my poor skills at translation go, is “Warmagic”. I welcome corrections for those more familiar with the language.]

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