Within the next 90 minutes, I should have my second coronavirus jab.

There will be no social media pictures of vax cards, no celebrations, no jumping with joy, no burning of masks in old metal barrels.


Because there is still a long road ahead — in spite of what people want to believe.

I will, vaccinated, wear my mask. I will limit my interpersonal interactions to some kind of distancing indoors. I will plan on booster jabs. I will not celebrate a victory that has not been achieved.

In two weeks, I may have as much as 95% resistance to the virus.

Most people do not comprehend what that means.

5 people out of each 100 will still contract the virus if they are exposed.

That means — in a population of 1 million, 50k vaccinated people exposed to the virus will still get coronavirus.

Think on that before running out to the beach, maskless, getting drunk in bars, doing whatever you do.


[Edit] Aaaaaannnnndddd…. Done.

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