I will seek ruveng!

One of the 7 year old twins drew this. Not entirely sure which. One is more into things like “revenge”, but one is more likely to write stories when doing art.

Apparently, one of the Little Ponies is having a bad day. Losing an eye (I’m guessing) will do that, I suppose.

4 thoughts on “I will seek ruveng!

  1. Wow a 7 year old already knows what “revenge” is/means or do they? though can’t spell it yet, interesting. This is in no way a criticism of you child/parenting. Speaks volumes about today’s world/media. I like the drawing looks more like a Centaur with a take on Picasso’s cubism on the legs. 😁 cute

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  2. Not sure. My kiddos are pretty dark, especially the one I found was responsible for this. They “sound spell”… It’s encouraged in first grade.

    I guess it is more a centaur… Apparently, it’s just a “bad guy” of her own invention.

    We have an open door policy as a family. If we notice something or you bring it up, we discuss it. We don’t shelter the kids at all. That said, we don’t let them watch things like Friday the 13th and we reserve mature themes for after bedtime. But we try to talk about it so they don’t get misinformation from their friends about things. They are all pretty well adjusted and know what is appropriate and what is not. In some ways, they act more mature than their peers. Except when they don’t…. 🙄


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