Tarot for Fun | Parting shot 05April2021

I had planned to stop drawing for a while, kind of let everything from the past week sink in. As mentioned earlier, though, I feel off today with no clear reason except for a couple of maudlin memories of things that likely can’t be recaptured. I felt there was more to it than those two things, so I drew a card to see if it triggered any kind of self-reflection for me that would help me identify what seems “off”.

I’m not going to follow the recent format, just to keep this simple.

Drawn: VII Wands, inverted

Snippets: [copypasta from Biddy Tarot] It may seem as if you are under constant opposition; even if you are weary, this card urges you to keep fighting for what you believe in; stand strong, own your position and don’t change who you are just to keep others happy; it is time to draw your line in the sand and say, ‘This is who I am, and this is what I need right now’; there cannot be any compromise or negotiation at this stage; hold your ground with determination and courage; can also mean you think others are perpetually criticising you — your family or friends are questioning your choices, such as staying in a challenging relationship or an unfulfilling job, and you would prefer if they could just keep their mouths shut and let you be!

Reaction: Hmm. Pretty much spot on, if I think about it. Needs more reflection, but I am tired of holding my ground on a few things.

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