Tarot for Fun | 04April2021

Mostly based on whim, but also because I have a birthday coming up and I thought I’d I’ll draw a single tarot card each day for the week. Everything through Thursday this week was for my past/present, and the weekend (including Friday) for the shape of things to come. Today is a “future” card and the final day of this sequence.

Caveats: See my 29 March post for full caveat language. I don’t see use as a divination tool, but as a tool for self-reflection. Interpretations are paraphrased or quoted from biddytarot.com unless I note otherwise. This is not an endorsement of the site or their definitions. Images are Rider Waite for copyright reasons, but I use the Crow Tarot deck in person.

Final draw this sequence.

Today is VII Cups (upright):

Ride Waite artwork


New opportunities, choices, however, some may be illusions and unrealistic ideals. Evaluate each choice carefully before choosing. Sometimes wishful thinking; without the willingness to take action put in the hard work now, these choices and decisions are little more than pipe dreams. Focus on one thing, don’t let the “shiny objects” distract.

“This card is inviting you to move out of the ideas and options phase and choose. Each will have its pros and cons – it’s up to you to make sure that the option you select is in alignment with your purpose and your Highest Good – even if you feel somewhat paralysed by the options available to you.” [Biddy Tarot]


I’ve already had to face some of these hard decisions over the past week as I’ve started getting myself more invested in some of the reflections this sequence of tarot cards drawn has triggered within. Even the list last night of questions and topics to consider as I try to pare down my “system” and distill it into something someone else could understand shows just how much work there is for me to reclaim and untangle some of the things I have shoved into a box and tried to keep to myself.

On one end, there is just trying to find a place for myself, as a solitary seeker or with companions. On the other end is this idea of making a mark with some of my thought processes. The truth of where I’ll end up is probably somewhere in the middle after reflecting on this week’s worth of tarot card reflections.

So I look into each cup, review the options presented and find myself taking more than a few minutes to ground myself as I consider what each option holds. It’s easy to eliminate a few of the offerings — I would rather continue practicing alone than get involved with a group that doesn’t support my own understandings of the way of things. It would be easy to get egotistical and think I could “change the world”, but that seems like its own poison, so it is equally easy to discard that thought, too. Even considering the option of dedicating some of this stuff to a separate web domain seems a bit overblown until I actually have more than a few somethings written on the matter — or even until I clear up a few discrepancies of my own that I’ve been too lazy to correct or rethink up until now.

But looking forward, as I said I would do with the cards I drew over the weekend, I think I have a set of milestones to set for myself, at which point I can reassess if I’m making progress. Essentially, the goal is to get something written and internally consistent and get involved with a small group of like-minded individuals to check my thinking. If everything goes well beyond that, then I look at other ways to get involved in the larger community. There are more milestones and checkpoints than that, but you get the gist…

In ways, this card is a bit anti-climatic, as I reflect on it. It seems like the natural progress from the more high-energy messages early on in this week of readings.

A final word:

Thanks for checking in and reading what I have to say about the matter. In ways, I see myself hitting a bit of a turning point anyway, and it can either be as intriguing as hell to watch someone undergo these kinds of thought processes, or pure drudgery. As I write more about these subjects, I feel like I am coming into a rhythm and I expect that these kinds of thoughts won’t be exclusive to the pages I’ll set aside. These may take the place of more of my reflections on the past, as I have increasingly felt okay letting those things I have clung to for years slough off and fall to the wayside — or it may augment those posts. I’ve learned to never say something is finished or that it is the new standard. Regardless, thanks for joining me on this part of the journey, even if you decide not to pursue it further.

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