Tarot for Fun | 03April2021

Mostly based on whim, but also because I have a birthday coming up and I thought I’d I’ll draw a single tarot card each day for the week. Everything through Thursday this week was for my past/present, and the weekend (including Friday) for the shape of things to come. Today is a “future” card.

Caveats: See my 29 March post for full caveat language. I don’t see use as a divination tool, but as a tool for self-reflection. Interpretations are paraphrased or quoted from biddytarot.com unless I note otherwise. This is not an endorsement of the site or their definitions. Images are Rider Waite for copyright reasons, but I use the Crow Tarot deck in person.

Today is IX | The Hermit (upright):

Rider Waite artwork


Soul-searching, introspection, being alone, inner guidance. Realizes profound truth and knowledge is within, not without. Journey, led my inner wisdom and guiding light. It is a time for introspection, seclusion and contemplation.

“The Hermit often appears when you are at a pivotal point in your life and considering a new direction. Through meditation, contemplation, and self-examination, you may begin to re-evaluate your personal goals and change your overall course. You will look at your life with a deeper, more spiritual understanding and a few of your priorities will change as a result.” [Biddy Tarot]


Full disclosure: this isn’t the first card I drew this morning, but the third. As amazing as it may seem, and in spite of numerous shuffles in between, Six of Wands (upright) and XX Judgment (inverted) appeared first, exactly as they had appeared in earlier readings from this cycle. I decided against both, as I felt they represented more of a reinforcement of the earlier internal messaging and we needed something new to go off of for the future, which started yesterday. Interestingly, it was yesterday’s card that came up first. Take that as you will.

Again, with the unspoken thought in the back of my head at the beginning of this sequence of drawings that leaned into the spiritual side of my life, this card actually seems to imply I should stay the course with my solitary practice (or wait for some wise hermit to give me guidance). I may find a group to work with, but it will be very small, if one looks at the other parts of the card meanings Biddy has: Finally, the Hermit may appear in your life as a spiritual mentor here to raise your vibration and enhance your consciousness. The beauty of this mentor is that, while he may be an expert in his own right, he will teach you how to find your answers within you.

I’ll have to think about this one further, but it does seem to mirror some of my thoughts from last night as I was posting my curmudgeonly overview of two books that I found lacking — that I might have to accept that I have reached the limits of what books and other people can teach me and that I should really just dig in and quit looking for quick and easy answers.

It also pairs up with my continued thinking about exploring in writing some of my own understandings and codifying them to test those things once they are outside the chaos of the mind. I was waking this morning and my immediate thoughts were to start writing this down sometime in the next few days. It’s not something that will be solidified in the near future, and it will probably involve iteration. If so, I have a tentative name for this effort, which also came to me as I lay in bed trying to get motivated to wake up: The Ninth Wave Project. I can explain that name in a later post; suffice it to say that it is a British Isles Celtic reference from antiquity. If I actually get somewhere with it, I may drop the “Project” from the effort. But… I get ahead of myself here.

Anyway, I’ve suspected for a long time that I need to catalog my thinking instead of having a heaping pile of dirty laundry in that brain cavity, and this card only drives me to actually getting off my duff and sorting things out. Will what I write and clear up be useful to anyone but myself? That seems doubtful. But I’ve always maintained that if what I do helps even one person do something they wanted to do (writing, music, spiritual), I can consider my life a success.

Tomorrow is the final drawing… Dumdumduuuuum

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