Back into social detox

A waste of time.

I’ve spent the past few days hitting my old Facebook account off and on with the stated purpose in a post that my motivation was to NOT shitpost copypasta or repost other’s copypasta, nor would I get involved in tribal, political debates with anyone. Or debates in general.

I posted a few poetry pieces, my last collaboration with Tara, and a couple of silly little comments about life in general that were meant to be funny.

I got almost no reaction on the serious stuff, but lots of thumbs up on the meaningless, stupid stuff. After over a year of posting intermittently “I’m not dead” or the equivalent (about four times total, I think) and one that said, “You’re fired”, one would think friends might be curious as to what I’ve been up to over the past 365 days and check out the serious stuff, maybe even support it. But no… Facebook is not for anything useful, meaningful, or truly thought provoking — this much I’ve now confirmed. Unless it is stupid/funny, outraged or involves pets, it doesn’t have a place on that platform.

Experimentation done, I’m probably returning my focus here 99.9% of the time or more.

14 thoughts on “Back into social detox

  1. I conducted the same experiment about 6 years ago with the same results. It was a bummer that so many people I *felt* close to on FB weren’t willing to connect in person, but it was just the confirmation I needed to move on. I don’t miss it at all.

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    • I’d taken a ten year break before deciding to “catch up” a few years back. Then, as coronavirus swept the nation, things got crazy and it was anything but enjoyable, so I signed off for a social media detox.

      Looking at what’s there, I’m not missing anything. I lost a friend I’d known since kindergarten to lung failure and the lack of transplant candidates (not related to covid).

      Aside from that? Nothing new.


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