Social, smocial

I went over to the dark side tonight. I visited my old… Facebook account. Gasp. Not only that, but I made four posts. [non-existent audience murmurs in a very nasty way that suggests a lynch mob might be forming, which might be difficult if there are no individuals in the house].

To be fair, two were sad chemistry jokes I felt like posting. Another was an equally sad assessment of my cycling skill and likely, but not truthful, account of my temporary death. The third was stating my position on my “return”. I had a few things I wanted to say:

  • Not interested in becoming part of the tribal warfare soldiers. Leave me out. If you try to suck me in, I’ll go AWOL again. Don’t care if you are left, right, or center. Not interested.
  • I don’t plan to be around as often as I had been in the past. FB is not supportive of long-form writing, no one there that has friended me has shown much interest in writing, and my internet presence is focused on writing — not shitposting or catching up. I have declined to load up Messenger or the official app on my phone and I have no interest in changing that.
  • Finally, I suggested my main purpose was to check up on folks and promote some of you (maybe a little of me, very little, actually). I’m regularly amazed at some of the writing I find among you all and I think I should do a better job of sharing your work.

And that’s it.

And now I’m resolved to not visit again for a while. I was already exhausted by all the activity I saw. I’ve gotten too introverted for social media…

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