©2021 Michael Raven

where did the years go?
too old to rock and roll
too young to die
i might be sitting on
a park-bench
with my shabby clothes
aqualung & i
of the same age
& both thick
as a brick

I read the linked article yesterday and felt really fecking old all of a sudden. I could imagine myself, quite suddenly, being seen as that dirty old man with snot running down his nose, if I went to the park and sat down on one of the benches. And, with all surrealism mustered by the world with vengeance on it’s mind, someone would walk up to me and introduce herself as “Cross-eyed Mary” and we’d have fits of nasty little chuckles as we shared a bottle of Boone’s Farm or Nighttrain Express while leering at young people walking by. Yeah, my imagination is a little intense at times. Anyways, on approaching my 51st birthday in the next few weeks, this little reminder of my age was not entirely welcome.

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