Song failure

Gods, but I hate it when I start working on a song in my head, sit down to sequence it and get a few bars in a realize that what I thought was in my head the sequenced version and sound nothing at all alike. Then, to boot, I discover I’ve been working with a six-bar progression when I thought I was working with an eight-bar progression and it just looks funky to top off my annoyances for whole thing (it explains why I have notes that cross bars though; I probably have the wrong tempo set and it would look better at 100 bpm or something different than 120 bpm).

Imagined upturned keyboard and me huffing away in frustration and you have a pretty good image of what I mentally did when I realized that I was nowhere close to getting the basic progression out, let alone the melody. Here is the evidence of my shame (no fade-out, just the progression repeated twice with abrupt end). It might show promise later, I dunno. It wasn’t what I had in mind, so it is a turd at the moment.

Edit: For the record, what I was trying to do was probably a bit more sparse, as I had intended to add some single, octave or two (probably just one octave) piano notes for a incidental melody. I was experimenting with Mixolydian mode to boot, so I probably really screwed that up trying to create a certain weight to the tonal structure. Have I mentioned that I’m a musical idiot more apt to break rules than to use them? Yeah.

4 thoughts on “Song failure

    • I agree. I think some of my better efforts are when I don’t try so hard. But I think it is important to get out of your comfort zone, so I sometimes attempt to learn or play with theory so I can break it intentionally.

      But I was not happy with the particular result of this experiment. It was, umm, disappointing — the song in my head sounded so much more like a hit single that’d make me rich and famous (not really) than this ended up sounding.

      This one might be an iterative piece. I keep starting to load up the software to tweak with it, then deciding I haven’t gotten over my disgust, so who knows.


  1. lol I can relate, sometimes what I write mentally doesn’t translate on paper. I put the notes away for awhile. I come back to it after some time elapses and see it with a better vision.

    Perhaps you should try it. I don’t know I’m not a musician or musically inclined,
    but it sounded like a good opening to a forward movement. Okay I’ll go away now. 😜

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