first jab [adventures in failed songwriting]/

got my first jab
today, oh yeah, oh yeah
get another in 
three weeks, oh yeah, oh yeah

False start for a song.

Not as good as Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out, so I’m just gonna give up. It’s hard to outdo “Rip rip/We’re ripping ’em out now”. However, it is about on par with the original version, Tommy Get’s a Haircut, with “Snip snip/We’re cutting it off now”.

3 thoughts on “first jab [adventures in failed songwriting]/

    • Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro. I’m an at-risk person with type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis; not to mention overweight. So I got bumped to the front of the line earlier than some folks might.

      That said, Minnesota has some of the highest rates of vaccination in the country — speed and numbers. I don’t recall the actual metric, but we’re like second or third in the country by whatever measure they are using.

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