Dream #5.

©2021 Michael Raven

The greywater swirled with filth and detritus like a scummy cyclone as it flowed down the hole in under the floorboards. “What a waste of time,” I murmured. “That was mostly useless claptrap.”

“No,” she replied. “You missed something.”

“I didn’t miss anything…,” I started, the insistence in my words draining as I saw what she was talking about: a page ripped from a book, covered in feces. I grimaced, fished it out of the dregs left behind while trying not to get too much shit on me in the process, and read the following wor–

6 thoughts on “Dream #5.

    • I’ve been having especially lucid dreams lately. Good/Bad news — I’m not above sharing elements of some here.

      I’m fairly certain the subconscious message being sent to me by this one, but have been moderately baffled by some of them I’ve had lately.

      I’d be interested in yours as well — I assume some are reflected in your posts, but don’t know that for certain.

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  1. I wonder.. what were the words? Last night I dreamt about children being forced to play a game where men hunted them for sport with dogs… this changed into a dream about Anthony Bourdain and why he was murdered… strange dreams of late.

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