The Forgotten and Archaic Update 1

I’ll probably add more in the beginning and then the updates will taper off, but I’ve added the following words to my repository of words that are unusual, rarely used, forgotten and just interesting. I’ll do this kind of update in batches of 8-12 or so, and I’ll mark those on the page with a “+” to indicate they’ve been added, but not addressed in a standard post.

  • aglæcwif
  • floccinaucinihilipilification
  • gift
  • kismet
  • scáthach
  • slúagh/sluagh na marbh
  • warg

Check out the page by following the link by the header, or here.

Again, I always enjoy submissions, especially if they are archaic words from which we’ve built new words (such as “sceadu” = “shadow”).

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