Multimedia collaboration with tara caribou

©2021 tara caribou | michael raven

I asked Tara if she would be interested in working with me on another collaboration, but with a different approach than what we’d done previously with the mixed contributions towards a poem. Instead of infusing each other’s writing to try and create a cohesive whole, I tossed her a couple of fragments of a song I was working on, something that was not very cohesive at all, and asked, “Do you think you could write something to some or all of these pieces? And then read it into something an mp3 format and toss it my direction for some production?”

She bravely accepted the challenge, added some visual content after I got done messing with her vocals and fusing it onto my music (I have yet to delve into video production because I’d be OCD about it and drive everyone I know crazy, and the few friends I have would leave).

Tara wrote the words, which I’ve included after the video. I wrote the music and did the audio production, with special effects by Loonatik & Drinks (just kidding, it’s only me — I couldn’t resist the nod to a song that some of you may know). I did some minor rearrangement with her original vocal work, and you’ll find some more repetition than evidence in the text provided.

Update: WordPress Reader is borking the video at the moment, please visit the site to watch until I can resolve the problem.

Update 2: The problem seems to be limited to the mobile version of the WordPress Reader. I cannot seem to resolve the issue on my end, so I recommend visiting my site directly to view the video. If you prefer to stay within the Reader environment, I’ve uploaded the ‘audio-only’ version of our collaboration following the video.

words and video: ©2021 tara caribou | music: ©2021 michael raven
Audio only version if you encounter loading issues with the multimedia version, which seems to be an issue related to the WordPress Reader.
reach for me
step down in me
edging down my slip-painted sides
pour out inside
drip-drops outside
beside my mind
stretch out with me
expertly guide
inside my mind
deep inside me

I’m blessed to have Tara so willing to work with me on this and I hope you enjoy the finished product as much as I enjoyed working with her on it.

Once again, if you are interested in what I’m doing either as a musician or as a writer and want to work collaboratively, please feel free to contact me and propose an idea or two. I prefer that both people have an artistic stake in the collaborative effort, and I am not currently looking to monetize anything I do with someone else — it would be strictly for fun.

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