While, in some respects I understand the motivations for certain decisions being made recently, I have to admit that I get tired of erasure of my past versus substantive discussion of historical wrongs that offend a world that seems to be hell-bent on being offended about nearly everything. And, in the process, milquetoast-ing the world to sanitize it of anything that might be hurtful. I’m not talking one side or the other — each side in this has been doing it’s damnedest to make sure their narrative is spoon-fed and consumed without question while each are furiously try to rewrite history as if nothing ever happened except for their own variant of the tale.

These are opportunities to discuss and educate, but you can’t do that when you scrub every nasty little “FUCK” from the graffiti-laden walls. That offensive “FUCK” was there and, instead of washing it away so someone else can just put it back up as “FUCKER” to claim it is differsame (using a double-speak equivalent of my own). Own that history. Accept it. Learn from it. Don’t pretend it didn’t exist because it hurts your tender feelings to see plain evidence that it once existed.

We’re taking the lowest-common denominator of the pampering 70s and 80s to a new extreme instead of looking at things head on and discussing them like mature societies will. Instead of growing adults, we are growing overgrown children because they have to be protected from the past. Erasure and overprotectiveness won’t solve the problems we face; meaningful conversations can and will.

Too bad people are more concerned about wiping away the symptoms instead of addressing the disease head-on.


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