Brother Wolf; Sister Moon//The Cult

Embrace the wind with both arms
Stop the clouds dead in the sky
Hang your head no more
And beg no more
Brother wolf and sister moon
Your time has come

I’m in a Cult mood this week, although more in the mood for the early side of their music. Wild Hearted Son was the exception, but I’ve been feeling the urge to stream me some Love, Dreamtime and Electric.

While I like rocking out to the later music, the earlier tunes resonate with me more — quite possibly because of the Native American references in the lyrics, but the music seems a little less produced and I’m always a sucker for a lesser produced feel in my musical tastes instead of over-production (see: Replacements, Hüsker Dü, Cure circa Seventeen Seconds and Faith, Joy Division, early J&MC, early E&tB, etc.). I can appreciate higher production techniques, my ear just seems to like the empty spaces and raw feeling of music with less production.

If anything, I think digital music production has killed some of the raw sounds we used to hear from bands — which may seem odd, considering that I exclusively write music digitally these days, but that is because I am a solo “band” and I’ve always been better at constructing music than physically playing it (especially with my rheumatoid arthritis, which makes playing an exercise in torture some days).

Anyway — enjoy.

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