New phone

I shouldn’t be as excited as I am — after all, it is mostly a refresh with more memory than my current phone and a charging port that isn’t in need of repair. I seem to have bad luck with killing the charge ports on my phones within the first few months and need to rely solely on qi pads to charge until I can justify getting a new one. Oh, and 5G.

But I am excited. Sad, but true.

I plan to increase my wanderings this spring, once the chill leaves the air, and it will be nice to store more music on the phone than I could hope to listen to in less than a week. The main reason I don’t just mobile data stream is that I am a miser and have gone with a plan that charges by the bandwidth used, rather than being an all-you-can-eat buffet. Not including device payments, I usually hover around $65 for three household phones as a result — which allows me to upgrade my device on a more frequent basis than when I was paying about twice the monthly fees before switching over. That said, we run lean around here at about 1GB traffic over mobile data between the three phones at $10/GB.

If you’ve ever thought about going over to Google Fi for a carrier, let me know and will give you a referral link so we can both get rewards for you doing so. I’m not one for pushing providers, but I’m not above asking for the benefits of someone taking a leap because they see I’m happy with what I have and decide to emulate me.

Anyway, I’d considered jumping deeper into the Apple Kool-Aid, but didn’t see a ton of benefit for me doing so. More money for the device, stricter device control by Apple, doesn’t work on Fi in the way Fi is designed to work. Oh, it will work, but I wouldn’t be able to leverage the three mobile providers in the area, as Apple has not designed the iPhone for provider-hopping like some Android phones have been designed (they flip between strongest signals for Sprint, American Wireless and T-Mobile, unless a free wifi hotspot is near, in which case it bumps to the wifi hotspot for internet telephony). The exchange would be a cleaner interface, less wild-west app store, and a bit more speed on the device. That didn’t seem like much to sell me on paying $200 more for a phone. And I’ve been happy with the Nexus/Pixel line with their regular OS updates and device freedom. Other device manufacturers put too much bloat and don’t update the devices as often as they should — leaving security holes. I’m looking at you Samsung…

Anyway, before the end of the week I’ll see my new addition. Yay!

5 thoughts on “New phone

    • LOL. There are $200 phones. Moto, but the one we have for the eldest works fine. Nothing fancy, but does the usual stuff. Until she can afford an upper-tier phone with her own money, she’ll have to deal with what we give her.


  1. Oh wow. You have so many options in the states! Where I live, no Internet/wifi unless you are a business. Only three providers but for my area, only one that works. Well one other one works but you get on a waiting list… one I have been on for four years… so really only two… and the one drops signal out here just as much as it has it. Satellite guys came out here and went all over the property. No line of site due to the “satellite” being on the horizon. Ugh. Must be nice. Hahaha!!! 🤣🤣🤣

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    • It is one advantage of living closer to a city — tech tends to work better and there are more options for wireless providers. The actual internet has more options, but most of it is still determined by 70s and 80s contracts. Like most places in the lower 48, we’ve got our choice between expensive shit and broke shit for internet. We prefer reliability, so we go expensive shit, but it is sometimes still shit.

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