Final Solution//Peter Murphy

This is a Pere Ubu song done by Peter Murphy, solo and former singer for Bauhaus at the time of release. I like the original version by Pere Ubu, but I always felt that Murphy made the song better with his interpretation. Plus, Peter has some awesome boots in the video that I was never able to find in my size. Or, at least, in a price range I was willing pay.

Boots are everything, you know.

Okay — I was a clothes-whore back in the day… What can I say?

The girls won’t touch me
’cause I’ve got a misdirection
Living at night isn’t helping my complexion
The signs all saying it’s a social infection
A little bit of fun’s never been an insurrection


Mamma threw me out till I get some pants that fit
She just won’t approve of my strange kind of wit
I get so excited, always gotta lose
Man that sends me off
Let them take the cure

Don’t need a cure
Need a final solution

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