After a brief discussion with someone [1] about the matter about a week ago where we discussed just how useful they are, I’ve decided to forego using featured images for my posts. At least, for the time being. Mostly — they seem arbitrary additions that add color and (occasionally) context. I spend too much time trying to find images that don’t quite fit and I’m more about music and words than I am about images. If I was a great photographer or a visual artist, that’d be another story entirely. Almost nothing is my creation, however, because the stick people I draw are even disproportionate and look like something out of a cheap horror comic. And photos… Aye-yi-yi. Embarrassing stuff and usually total shite. I’m okay at tweaking stuff, but the creation of visual art is “not one of my many remarkable talents” [2].

So — for the time being — I am going to experiment with not adding to much in the way of images and focus my energies on just writing instead.

Let me know what you think. Too sparse? Too spartan? Just right? “Even fewer words and more pictures would be welcome, Mr. Raven”?

[1] tara caribou, specifically

[2] Brother Longfoot paraphrased quote, a professional navigator in several of Joe Abercrombie’s First Law books.

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