I’m so frigging sick of labels. So many goddamned labels these days. So many goddamned boxes people willingly jail themselves with.

And then oversharing those labels, as if I give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about the label you’ve chained yourself to.

And then… People try to classify me by those same terms.

I reject your classifications.

Note: this a rant of general horror at the practice, not directed at any one direction, instance or person.

4 thoughts on “Labels

  1. You had me at rolling donut. I’m stealing that saying… YOINK! But yeah, EFF all of those boring labels and intersections of boring boringness created by the layering of labels. I feel you, man.

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    • For me, I’ve always mistrusted labels that people apply to themselves and to others. But this recent spat of tribalism (any kind of -ism, really) in politics and social subcultures seems to have gotten entirely out of hand: from the absurdities of labeling people on the spectrum of how liberal or conservative they are with those accommodating litmus tests of “are you my kind of politics or the enemy” (and you are always the enemy to some degree if you don’t have 100% parity with the person judging you) — to the how need to define sexual preferences and identities to the point that the degrees of separation are meaningless (and, if you don’t speak the jargon, you are once again the enemy) to oversimplifications like “woke” (a label which irritates me for the sole reason that it seems like horseshit English to declare someone “is woke”), which ignore vast tracts of subtlety…. All for the purpose of an us/them mentality. And ultimately meaningless because no one is perfectly an example any of these labels. Don’t even get me started on music or fiction genres… Some of those are even more absurd.

      But then… as if it is really of any importance whatsoever — people feel the need to let me know how they self-identify. Really… I don’t care if you fuck boys or girls or both or none, people. There is zero need for a press release about your sexual identity or orientation.

      It does make me long for the days of refusing to be called goth or punk because, while I embraced the subculture, I never considered myself part of that tribe and many of them most assuredly let me know I wasn’t part of their little clan.

      Welp. I guess I had more to say about it.


  2. Woke. The worst word to ever enter the English language. If someone were to self-identify as woke in front of me… I think I would just walk away shaking my head. For me… woke is synonymous with asleep. I have no interest in or use for the woke mob. I don’t need to be a part of that cult to be a decent person. All of the virtue-signaling makes me gag. Seriously.

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