always asking questions with her trills
the cat follows me like a puppy

© Michael Raven

Fennekin (“Fen” for short) is one of our two Maine Coons. She’s got a ginormous head, short legs and a long, snakelike body covered in far too much fur (she mats too often because she loathes being brushed and runs away when you take out the brush). She doesn’t seem like she weighs nearly 20 lbs (9 kg), and growing. And then you see her next to the mutts (American Shorthair rescues) and you realize just how huge she is (almost twice the size). And, as I said, growing for another 2-3 years, although it will slow down now.

Fen is not a lap cat or one that just anyone can pet. She usually moves away when someone pays too much attention to her. Not in a mean way, she just escapes high or leaves for the basement.

One of her habits, however, is that she likes to follow me around and trill. No one else in this household of five. It’s not like overdid the affection — Wraith (the other Maine Coon) is supposed to be my center of attention, but he likes everyone but me except while I’m working in the morning and then he’d just be happy as hell if I scratched his neck all morning instead of working.

But Fen would, before coronavirus, come trotting up to the door when I came home from work and trill until I gave her a scratch between the ears. And she didn’t (and doesn’t) like there to be closed doors between us. So she trills outside the bathroom, or when I change clothes in the bedroom. She doesn’t want to be picked up or touched — she just wants me to talk back to her when she trills. Everyone calls her my little puppy dog.

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