SoM Ripoff

I’m not much in the mood to share my writing for the time being and so… the radio silence.

However, I did shamelessly go and try do a ripoff tune heavily “borrowed” from Sisters of Mercy, from trying to emulate the Floodland sound to the point that fans will probably recognize the bass riff as being a “damn close” to the original, but I assure you — I changed some rhythms and note patterns. The overall patterns, sounds and sequences are similar, but that was the intent. I’m interested in what Eldritch did back then and I’ve convinced myself that I kind of know where he came from in his programming of Doktor Avalanche (his drum machine’s name) and/or keyboards.

I’m not even going to hide that I was trying to copy the sound. The song is called SoM Ripoff.


Goodnight all. See you on the other side.

© Michael Raven

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