Alice Trapped

Here’s an experimental bit of music I never intended to take much further (written in 2020). I pretended that I was writing a soundtrack for a bit of video game and I furthermore imagined I was writing it for something along the lines of American McGee’s Alice In Wonderland. So, a mentally damaged Alice trapped in her own mind and slightly off-putting bell melody (not grating, just off-putting). Keep the drums somewhat tripped out and at a tempo that seemed slightly dissonant compared to the tempo of the bells (all “in time” but, again, off-putting without being obvious). Tension. Maybe that teakettle was laced with laudanum. Maybe the caterpillar is throwing mushrooms. Or the Cheshire Cat is gnawing at her one way home and her having to platform her way to where he is. Not quite horror, but something that could lean into horror.

You’ll have to let me know if I succeeded. The only change from my original intention was to extend from 2 blocks of sequence to 4 blocks of sequence and add a fade out. When playing around with it, I just had it on repeat, so this lengthens the tune itself.

Feedback is always welcome. However, I don’t really expect to take this anywhere.

© Michael Raven

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