You know — I knew it had been a long time, but…

WordPress was (I think) an invite-only service at the time. I raved about it at the time, railed against the problems Blogger had and never fixed and my even worse experience with other platforms — and everyone I knew poo-poo’d me. Now, who’s at the top of the heap in blogging platforms?

I think I’ve had about 5 iterations of this site and probably 20 other sites with poorly-conceived aspirations, NaNoWriMo attempts, suffering from weird stalker-like followers (and I’m a guy, so I can only imagine what women have to put up with), or just wanting to burn it all down in a fit of pique. I have those kinds of fits, especially when I’m feeling pointedly inadequate as a writer — in fact, I was just talked down from such an episode recently.

Thanks for all of you, currently present and those who visited in the past. It’s been an awesome 15 years as a wordpresser. I can’t imagine using any other platform.

11 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Hm. That’s when I started. My oldest was an infant and he’s turning 16…I started with Blogger but switched to WP about a year later and never looked back. In fact, I write fiction under a pen name on another WP blog – never considered going elsewhere.

    I must admit I hated blocks. But I have now gotten used to them…

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

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  2. I started my very first blog with Blogger (probably a little less than 15 years ago), but then I stuck with them *way* too long through several more blogs before finally getting wise and coming here to resurrect my last one (Strider’s Table).

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    • Lots of power, lots of flexibility. Zero support. Zero new features. Became a porn haven like Tumblr and seemed to attract mostly people wondering where you hid the porn when I left.

      And I spent more time fixing my blog than writing for it back in… 2003-2006.

      Prior to Blogger, I was hand-coding HTML for each post. Needless to say, I did maybe a post a day (at most) and more like once a week in the early days of blogging.

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