Here we go… Woot!

Well, it looks like out high temp maxed out at midnight. Welcome to Minnesota, where even antifreeze can freeze.

A balmy -18°F overnight on Sunday. And kiddos — that’s actually warm for a Minnesota cold snap. I’ve seen -30°F air temperature, not factoring the wind chill. Meteorologists like to toss hot coffee in the air and watch it shatter before it hits the ground. Serious.

For my non-Imperial units followers (yes, I don’t get why we cling to a flawed system either, but I’m a scientist, so I see the value in the metric system):

Time to increase our carbon emissions and stoke up the fireplace.

9 thoughts on “Here we go… Woot!

  1. One of my friends who works on the north slope told me it’s -95* right now. I laughed and said “it’s not that bad, you whiner!” LOL – when it’s that cold, even equipment doesn’t keep going. But, in my opinion, once it hits -20 (which I get here every winter, but usually for only a couple days here and there) everything feels the same: COLD. 🥶 Yep. I’ll keep my single digit temps quite happily.

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