Stars are Stars//Echo and the Bunnymen

Now you spit out the sky
Because it’s empty and hollow
All your dreams
Are hanging out to dry
Stars are stars
And they shine so cold

I saw you climb
Shadows on the trees
We lost some time
After things that never matter

While Ocean Rain will always be my favorite Echo album, primarily because of the shamanistic lyrical content that evokes the Eskimo/Inuit, Crocodiles comes in a close second because of Rescue and the non-album single associated with the album (I know, doesn’t make sense) The Puppet. Both song were on Urgh! A Music War, a documentary that introduced me to many of the bands I ended up loving growing up (X, XTC, Pere Ubu, Cramps, Echo, etc). Crocodiles was Echo at their most raw, in my opinion, whereas Ocean Rain was the band at their most refined.

I always felt, without being able to point to it directly, that Crocodiles was one of the more Door-sey albums, capturing some of what made Jim Morrison so compelling.

Stars are Stars hints at what the band would become with Ocean Rain.

9 thoughts on “Stars are Stars//Echo and the Bunnymen”

    1. #2 concert of all time for me was in support of the Grey Album. They played the title track from Ocean Rain and I melted in my seat. I didn’t want the show to end. #1 was the Standing on the Beach tour for the Cure because the show did seem to go on forever and they played so many songs from Pornography. Then, to top it off, I got to sit and get drunk with the boys back stage after the show. Robert made the bouncer let me stay for more than my allotted time. Instead of 10 minutes, I was there for almost an hour, schmoozing.


        1. Mostly Robert and Lol, although Porl and I laughed a bit, and Simon stared at me like he was looking at his doppelganger. I kind of tried very very hard to look like Simon at the time…


            1. Yes. It was… was a major mindfuck. Lol was 3-sheets already, but he always was before he sobered up. Robert was lucid and it was a blast to pick his brain for that short time we had hanging out. Pissed off some groupie who showed up after me and got kicked out before I did. “He was here first, why doesn’t he leave?” she asked pointing at me. “Because he’s our guest,” Robert said and Lol burst into laughter.


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