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I decided that I didn’t care for the auto-posting to Twitter. There are times when I just don’t want to put out into the twitterverse some of my writing (this post, or the aural assault variety, for example). And because WordPress hasn’t ensured parity between their mobile app and their webapp, I don’t have control of which posts go to Twitter when I post via mobile. I’m a control freak in that respect.

Soooo, on the highly unlikely chance that you actually used my post this weekend to shift your following habits from the WordPress Reader to Twitter for this page of doggerel and drivel, you should know that I have made myself a liar and it is only good for getting notice of selected posts.

Which, honestly, might be to the benefit of your well-being and sanity. I mean… 1000 posts in less than ten months? Someone might want to adjust that writer’s Koolaid formulation, maybe add some benzies to it. Hey… Earl… You got any ‘ludes on ya? [obscure song reference, internet ghost hugs if you can tell me which].

I have honestly got very little that isn’t poetry to foist on you these days. Twinkies are back in school, eldest teenage kid is silently screaming [think the kid in the back of the bus in the 80s video Hot for Teacher, timestamp 0.49 on the link; yes… I still live in the 80s] at the unlikely prospect of being forced back into the classroom.

Aside: I’d forgotten just how inappropriate the video would be by today’s standards. I doubt it would get any airplay on MTV if the M still stood for “music”. Please, no hating on me for making a reference to something so overtly sexist. Different times, folks — can’t pretend like it didn’t happen or exist. And it doesn’t change the fact that “Waldo” looks eerily similar to how my daughter looks when confronted with the idea of being a possible vector for… well, anything. But coronavirus has got her absolutely panicked that she might have to share airspace with… well… anyone.

You know — I should probably actually get back to work. I’m easily distracted from it these days — I’m just not loving the raw instrumentation QAQC recalculations I have on my plate and, in case that sounded fun, I’m fairly convinced I won’t find anything wrong with the data because the higher level review didn’t catch anything. If it is bad data — you are rarely going to find it in the raw data anymore because the software largely prevents it — although you might, if the analyst themselves are up to shenanigans of some sort. But the days of “drylabbing” analytical are long gone. As far as I’ve seen.

Also: I should probably update my About page.

4 thoughts on “workworkwork/ slaveslaveslave

  1. Well I just happen to like drivel as is evident of the type I type out on my blog, which, incidentally, has been disconnected to the thingy that makes it go out into the twitter verse. I choose what I want to cross post there. Mostly, nothing. I don’t like that automatic thing. 🙄

    My teens are still not back in school. 10th grader was hybrid but 8th grader was full day…no decision coming from politicians yet. Blah.

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    • Partners in drivel! I like it.

      My eldest is in 8th grade, but the twins are in first — and the powers that be doth declared that they would receive substandard distance learning or full-on in-person. The idea was to keep them with their teacher up to this point, but the joke was on us. She got shifted against her will to the distance program and our girls have a new teacher anyway.

      I have to say, however, they are happier than they were since returning a few weeks back.

      No word on a return for the older one — I suspect they’ll hold off until next year to give the vaccines a chance to get into arms. Which will make her slightly, ever so slightly, less panicked about the prospect.


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