More useless information no one asked for…

Normally, I wouldn’t put out two moose-drool posts in one day, but I’m excited.

I had put in an email information request for a new local tattoo parlor. For various reasons, I’ve elected to change artists for all but two of my six tattoos and I was on the prowl for someone to do my seventh. Normally, I would have preferred to remain loyal to a given artist, but circumstances with respect to tattoos haven’t really allowed me to:

  • Celtic Cross — before tattoo explosion in the US. The artist was better than most of the local ones at the time, but she ended up not having (IMO) the steadiest linework on a celtic cross. Still, at the time, tattoos were mostly anchors, flash and little devils in Minneapolis, so I considered it a win because it was my design. Still, I would have liked smoother lines. Possibly because she was reusing needles and autoclaving because it was allowed practice at the time, so they may have been worn out a bit.
  • Celtic Armband — this artist did a fantastic job, although I found a few lacuna where he forgot to color the hounds in. Minor and no one but me has noticed. I would have gone back and had him fix (and probably got another), but it turned out that he’d decided to mix needles and was IVing heroin by the time I was ready for my next one and got kicked out of the shop for missing appointments due to his drug habit. Fuck that.
  • NW Coastal Raven — by the time I made it back to Seattle, the artist had already dropped out of her shop by Pike’s Market. I wouldn’t have gone back — she had an attitude the day she was inking me.
  • Ankh — I liked Mike. He put up with me ripping hair out his arm while giving me an ankh perilously close to a nipple. I’m a sensitive guy — I discovered. Tiger growl.
  • Celtic ravens w/Sandman’s Death — Mike did this one too, even letting me sleep through part of it because I’d been up too late the night before. It was okay, but he seemed to think that Death had huge knockers that hung over the shield of celtic ravens. I should have made him add way more color to those boobs too because, at casual glance, it looks like I’m sporting a nudie tattoo. I moved away from Seattle and I think he dropped out.
  • Raven with enso and watercolor splash — Done last year. I liked the artist, but she seemed a little annoyed by me trying to make conversation over the three-hour session. I’m not exactly chatty, but three hours is a long time to say not much at all. I’d go back to her, but the shop is 180° away from everything I do and about 30 miles of congested traffic in between. I went to the shop based on a friend’s recommendation and like the work, but want someone who doesn’t have a shop 45 minutes away to do it.

The studio referred me to his Instagram account today, after a delay of almost two weeks. They were very apologetic, and I know most people use the phone to get information, but I wanted to send along the reference design I had in mind. If you recall, it looks like this:

I only hope I’m not looking at something like a six-month wait. That’d be a drag. Or an estimate of $2000 (neither of which would surprise me if he was at a few of the shops around town). I suspect it wouldn’t be next week (he does a lot of photo-realistic tattoos, so I expect that makes him high demand). If you’re interested in seeing his work, you can see it here.

Still! Progress!

Barely contained girlish squee.

15 thoughts on “More useless information no one asked for…

    • Assuming you are asking for an opinion. If not, ignore me.

      First one? In my opinion, go with a place you can show off or hide as your whims dictate. Upper arm, shoulder (tanks could show off), or calf.

      Not first one? My gut says you should go hand/forearm or somewhere on your neck, but only if you want to be obvious. My real gut says to go “naughty” like just above the panty-line or near a breast (top of one, or rib-side under-boob).

      But I don’t know you more than maybe 1000 words of writing, so all of that may be not right for you. All gut feeling.


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