A Mirage//The Essence

The Dutch band, The Essence was one of those Cure-likes out there back in 1984. Their first two albums mimicked Faith and Seventeen Seconds in a number of ways, although a true Cure fanatic could see numerous songwriting differences between the bands. While their third album still hinted of their Cure influence (as evidenced in the song below, reminiscent of Head on the Door songs), they started developing more of their own sound by that point. They faded away from my access (thanks to regional record and CD sales restrictions popular at the time), but I guess they had a few more albums.

This is still on of my favorite songs by them.

Walking away through crowds
I will forever be with you
Silently away they melt
Like ice I push you through
As we dream of perfect ways
Oh, to die so brave, oh please
Don’t dream alone tonight
As I mouth the words
You’re so far away

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