I can relate to Maika (clip above is from Monstress #31, released today) at times. While I don’t literally have a flesh-famished demon god inside, I’m never completely confident that I don’t have something similar to Zinn (her troublesome companion) that roams within, looking for ways to prove I am an unsavory kind of character in spite of my best efforts to overcome such perceptions.

That, of course, is where our similarities end. While she is determined and unrelenting about rejecting being used for anybody else’s mischief, a very strong female lead… I’m less, well, compelling. Not that I really am sure I want to be so hard as she is. While I admire her strength and her steel as a character, I figure something’s gonna break sooner or later, as hinted in a few revealing scenes over the issues. She’s steely because she has to be. But I don’t know that she wants to be what she is. Zinn is a bane that has begun to become her tool. And a parasite.

I would make a miserable Kippa, the fox kid. If I were to say I really wanted to be considered represented by any of the characters in the story, I would wish people would associate me with Kippa. Helpful, selfless, kind and brave, maybe cute. I’m helpful on occasion, kind on a few others, but I trend more selfish than selfless and bravery…? Pfft. Big-assed chicken shit. And I’m singularly lacking in fuzzy fox ears and a cute face, so maybe I should just sigh and assume that people are more likely to associate me with Zinn, Mr. Ropey Tentacle Flesh-eating God Parasite.

You know… That might not be far off except for the god part. *Sigh*

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