Just Like Honey//Jesus and Mary Chain

I bought this as a 7″ single when it was first released, entirely on whim. My excuse? I liked the band’s name. They had posters up at Northern Lights Music to promote it, taking up half a wall — I think Smell of a Female by the Cramps took up the other half, or maybe it was Concert by the Cure. The latter seems more likely based on release date, but the store did like their Cramps promotional material, and Smell of a Female may have been left up as a middle finger to the wageslaves in their business suits rather than for the actual purpose of promotion.

I remember instantly loving it, although I didn’t get around to buying any J&MC albums until closer to 1987-1988. Why did I love it? Because of the heavy sexual overtones of the lyrics. I’ve been a perv from the day I discovered girls weren’t really cootie-factories, and I found the idea of writing lyrics with sexual overtones (and yet not overtly sexual) a tremendously exciting prospect. Blame my love of Prince with his Little Red Corvette and Let’s Pretend We’re Married, both of which are on the more overt side. And let’s not even go into Darlin’ Nikki (Who I guess you could say she was a sex fiend).

Because, and I am being serious when I say this — everyone in Minneapolis in my age group — EVERYONE — loved Prince, our hometown boy. We were ruined at a tender age and I have zero regrets.

Listen to the girl
As she takes on half the world
Moving up and so alive
In her honey dripping beehive
It’s good, so good, it’s so good
So good

Walking back to you
Is the hardest thing that
I can do
That I can do for you
For you

I’ll be your plastic toy
I’ll be your plastic toy
For you

Eating up the scum
Is the hardest thing for
Me to do

Just like honey

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